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"Faces" –  Tea Light Holder

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Deep in the unexplored depths of the South American Peruvian jungles, a great lost city, now known as the City of the Twin Serpents, was discovered in 1936 by British archaeologist and explorer, Dr. James H. Hemlock. It was the home of an advanced civilization previously unknown to western man, sharing many characteristics of ancient Mayan culture, though isolated for generations. Many artifacts were retrieved, cataloged and studied, and thought to be cursed by the so-called Twin Serpent Guardian Spirit. How the civilization came to an end is a mystery as no burial remains were found in the vicinity.

The expedition was cut short with the unexplained deaths of the excavators. All involved in the removal of artifacts were found dead in their tents, their veins swollen with snake venom, though no bite marks were ever found anywhere on their bodies. The sudden disappearance of Dr. Hemlock later that year further perpetuated the legend. Nearing the end of the expedition, a massive earthquake suddenly erupted and a great chasm opened across the central courtyard, slowly devouring the entire city, burying it deep forever beneath the earth. Only five of a crew of thirty escaped with their lives. The Peruvian government later proclaimed the entire area forbidden.

This artifact is one of only a few that were retrieved from the lost city. It is a small ceremonial incense burner found among several that flanked the king's throne. The smoke was believed to encapsulate and make manifest the kings of previous dynasties. Though due to the age of this artifact, it's best used as a tea light holder. Well, we don't want to re-awaken any angry ancient spirits now do we?

Landron Artifacts is proud to present this astounding piece. For reasons unknown to us, the curator of the J. H. Hemlock Museum of Antiquities was all too eager to be rid of this and other artifacts relating to the City of the Twin Serpents expedition. No explanation was given and they still won't return our phone calls. However, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be given this rare opportunity and can assure you with complete confidence that these artifacts are NOT cursed.


Measures approximately 2 1/4" tall x 4 1/4" diameter.

Hand crafted and meticulously hand-painted with a beautiful ancient stone-like finish.

Bottom features soft felt pads to protect table-top surfaces.

Tea light candle not included.

Use only tea lights with aluminum cup. (Battery-operated tea lights recommended.) *

This hand-crafted item is not rated for use with real flame-based candles or incense. Battery-operated tea lights are recommended.

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